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You know you should have a healthier lifestyle…but where do you start?

Sure, you could go for that whole “low-fat-food-that-tastes-like-cardboard” thing

…but who wants that?

…and for that matter, if you’re watching your waistline, then won’t you be a slave to your kitchen, or the measuring tape, or – gasp – adding up all those tiny calories?

Here’s the deal:

If you have to choose between eating wilted kale and eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s in front of Law and Order reruns, we all know things could get ugly.

But a healthy lifestyle is about more than counting calories.

In fact, you can kiss those calories goodbye.

Because YOU don’t have to have a perfect body to be healthy – in fact, feeling and looking amazing may be closer than you think!

I Believe…
YOU can be healthy and beautiful without having a perfectly toned body.

Healthy women can also have cellulite and a bit of fat.

I believe healthy women don’t have to be perfect.

And by making the right food choices most of the time, healthy women can have a little cake and cheese every now and then!

But most of all?

I believe YOU are beautifully imperfect in your own perfect ways.

“Carla Sánchez-Anderson has played an important role in my life with the information she provides on her blog. I’ve been able to incorporate a healthier lifestyle through the eating habits and recipes Carla provides. It’s very evident through Carla’s writing, both English and Spanish that she has a passion for what she does and truly wants to inspire others around the globe to live a more prosperous life.” – Johnny Allen – Social Media Management /Entrepeneur

“Carla Sanchez-Anderson’s ebullient health-coaching style ensures success right of out the gate. Carla provides full support both during the process and afterwards. Carla’s attention to detail means you will reap results. The 3-Day Detox Plan provides the reset on all levels people are searching for. There’s never a better time to begin and Carla has made it simple and easy!” Katherine A. Carroll, Associate Editor, NTP – National Health Federation

Imagine feeling energized, healthy, motivated.

Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror and falling in love with you all over again, because at last you have put the most important person in your life first “YOU”.

When you become a member of the OrganicLife.TV community, you’ll learn simple ways to be healthy and feel beautiful without all the crazy calorie counting.


carla roundI am Carla Sánchez-Anderson, creator of OrganicLife.TV. I grew up suffering from chronic constipation. In my late twenties I realized this was not healthy and could eventually lead to other chronic diseases. I started juicing which completely transformed my life in the “número dos” department. It wasn’t until I got engaged to the man of my dreams that I decided to transform my body for my wedding day. I became a Certified Nutrition Coach and in this process I was applying all I was learning on myself.

I transformed my body and looked the way I had always dreamed of on the biggest, most beautiful day of my life. I also became passionate about teaching and sharing this healthy lifestyle to others.

It wasn’t at all easy, it was a process but I allowed myself to go through the ups and downs of changing and transforming. I learned a ton about myself, what triggered my eating habits and what truly inspired me to keep my commitment to myself, my health and my family.


A great way to start this journey to a healthier “YOU” is the ► 3-Day Detox Plan I created just for you. I understand your journey, I know what you want, I have been there many times in my life. I know where you want to be. With this easy to follow program you will get a step by step plan with healthy recipes, a grocery list, what to expect, and a wonderful jump-start to begin living the healthy lifestyle you deserve.


I am here to empower you on this process. I am here to inspire you when you need a push and you have had a busy, crazy day. I am here to be your guiding hand when life gets in the way of your healthy goal. If you truly want a change in your lifestyle, I will show you how to eat more of the good foods and avoid more of the bad foods. I am here to tell you it is possible, you can do it, and I would be delighted to be your guide in this process. Let’s do it together!

The “one DIET fits all” approach is not realistic or effective for everybody. That’s why I offer one on one Nutrition Coaching Sessions to develop a specific plan to fit YOUR needs and help YOU reach YOUR healthy weight, maintain it and feel BEAUTIFUL! It’s my belief healthy women don’t have to be perfect. But remember YOU are beautifully imperfect in your own perfect ways!


“Carla from OrganicLife.TV is someone I really trust with true nutrition information and all the great lifestyle information she provides. She is genuine, smart, informative and beautiful inside and out! I truly believe she has an incredible message to share with the world. Her mission is not calorie control or a crazy diet, her message is true and simple, eat whole and non-processed food most of the time and focus on quality not quantity and your body will reach its ideal weight and healthy state. I’d definitely recommend her programs to anyone seeking to be healthier and reach their weight goals! Carla is awesome. I’m going to have to do a detox of hers very soon!” – Erin Elizabeth, Founder of HealthNutNews.com

“Carla from OrganicLifeTV provides invaluable information and leads by example. I have watched her transform her body and get strong and healthy. Food is life, and there is a natural way to nourish and heal our bodies. I love to use her tips on my own social platforms for Green With Tiffany.” – Tiffany Paige, Host, Producer and Green Expert at Green With Tiffany.

“OrganicLifeTV has deepened my knowledge of products, lifestyle and recipes for a healthier organic living!!! I am grateful to have found a reliable source on the Internet to guide me in the right direction! Carla Sánchez-Anderson is a true inspiration and a testament to where we can take our body if we take the best care of it.” Iran Daniel, Emmy Award Winning TV Host & Actress.


I truly care about “YOU” and I want to hear your struggle. What is YOUR biggest challenge to start a healthier lifestyle? Comment below this post or reply to the first email you receive when you subscribe to my blog ► here. I am excited to see how I can support you in this journey to a healthier “YOU”.

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