How to Use Coconut Oil to Lose Weight & Burn FAT Like a Furnace!

Do you ever wonder if there is a magic formula to lose weight and burn fat like a furnace?

I wondered too for many years, after many failed attempts to reach my ideal weight and extreme cleanses and diets, I realized shortcuts are not the healthiest way to a healthy lifestyle.

Are you ready for this old news?

To live a healthier lifestyle and achieve your goals you need to do little things everyday to accomplish your goal and make a sustainable lifestyle change FOREVER.

The good news is: There is HOPE!

You don’t have to live your life on a constant diet checking your weight loss app to frantically add the calories you’re consuming.

Now we are talking, right?

There is always an easier, simpler way – yes, a little slower – but WAYYYY more effective and livable long-term than a quick fix.

Today, I want to share with you one of those simple, easy things you can do everyday to reach your ideal weight and burn fat like a furnace.

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A couple of years ago I started reading about Coconut Oil and all its healthy benefits – including what it can do for your weight and physique.

Researchers have shown many health benefits for Coconut Oil, and just to name a few:

* Wound-Healing: Coconut has been used for wound healing for centuries.

* Bone-Boosting:  Coconut oil has been shown to reduce oxidative stress within the bone, which may prevent structural damage in osteoporotic bone.

* Brain Boosting: A now famous study, showed that patients with Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment, resulted in significant measurable cognitive improvement.

* Infection Fighting: Coconut contains about 50% lauric acid by weight, which is a fatty acid that is converted to monolaurin in the human body, a well-known antimicrobial compound, also found in human breast milk in significant quantities.

And drumroll, please… YES, Fat Burning – Ironic, isn’t it?

* Fat burning: A saturated fat which can accelerate the loss of midsection fat (the most dangerous kind). Well, there are now two solid, human studies showing just two tablespoons a day (30 ml), in both men and women, is capable of reducing belly fat within 1-3 months.

Burn Fat with Coconut Oil

All these benefits were promising so I decided to give Coconut Oil a try, and O-M-G what nobody talks about on the internet it’s how A-W-F-U-L and gag-provoking this oily substance is once you put it in your mouth, Yuck…

After many trials and errors I found two perfect ways to consume Coconut Oil that were not gag-provoking and are actually enjoyable in my everyday life.

I only buy Organic, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil – and YOU should too…

You can find the highest quality oil here: ► Cold Pressed Coconut Oil or a cheaper also organic great quality option here: ►Cheaper Organic Coconut Oil.

Take one spoon of Coconut Oil once or twice a day before meals.  For some people, including myself, is quite a task to swallow the greasy, oily spoon of Coconut Oil, and even though I love the taste of Coconut, it takes some guts to just swallow it on its own.

These are two ways to consume Coconut Oil – (without the gagging):

1.- One day shopping around online I discovered a super food organic blend which includes grounded Flax Seeds, Grounded Chia Seeds, Cocoa and Coconut and I thought this could be a perfect addition to my daily coconut oil intake.  So I tried it and I LOVED IT.  Not only it tastes and feels like chocolate fudge because of the Cocoa but it also has the added benefits of the super foods that are included in this organic blend, double whammy for me and for YOU.  I take one spoon of this combination daily before meals. You can get it online ►Here

2.- Another way I add Coconut Oil in my daily life is in my juice blends.  I start my day with an all organic vegetable and fruit blend and add a spoon of coconut oil to my green juices. You can also add it to your tea or coffee.

You can check out ► this video which explains the amazing healthy benefits of Coconut Oil (0:54-2:10). I also show you how to use it with the two preferred methods described above (2:22-3:20). I am sure YOU will enjoy it.

I encourage you to give Organic Coconut Oil a try, for at least 3 months and see how you feel. Your body will love you for it and you might end up burning those stubborn extra pounds of fat around your belly.

I believe YOU can have a healthy lifestyle without crazy calorie counting – and you can start right now by subscribing to my blog and receiving your FREE guide ► “5 Simple Things You Can Start Doing Today To Reach Your Ideal Weight” 


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8 comentarios en “How to Use Coconut Oil to Lose Weight & Burn FAT Like a Furnace!”

  1. Carla. I can’t wait to try the oil in my coffee. I love all your ideas, they incorporate what mother nature has out there just waiting for us to use in our daily lives. Can’t wait for your next post!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words. Yes, isn’t mother nature just incredible? I am glad you are enjoying my blog. Stay tuned for a lot more 🙂 Happy holidays beautiful!

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  3. Hey, Carla! I’m totally excited about this small way I can make a positive difference in my diet this year! Question for you: How much coconut oil do you consume daily? What would be an average recommended amount to boost metabolism?

    1. Beautiful Trina, thanks so much for your comment. There are different theories on this. I’d recommend your consumption depending on how much fat you add on your diet. Coconut oil is essentially pure good fat, with 4.5 grams of total fat per teaspoon serving. The American Heart Association recommends that you allow no more than 25 percent to 35 percent of your daily calorie intake to be from fats. For someone on a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet, that is roughly about 55 to 77 grams of total fat. So I guess it all depends on your specific diet needs. I consume 1-2 Tbsp a day because I consume a lot of avocados in my diet as well as avocado oil. I hope this helps 😉

  4. Carla, this is a great article. I think coconut oil is definitely a good way to get some essential fats into your diet.

    How would you get young children to take coconut oil? Would you smear it on their snacks or put it on their drinks?

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